A new blog … because I couldn’t remember my old blog passwords


I used to have this sorta (to me) cool blog called “The Colonel’s Roost” or “The Colonel’s Bunker” or maybe just “Colonel Shelby’s Pepper Snorting 1883 Cheese Factory Band” … that’s the point I CANNOT remember the name. 
And there is the password problem. I can never remember my passwords. I have too many. 
I know use your birthday or Kirk_Gorn66 or something like that. The trouble is people steal those or guess them or whatever. 
So, anyway, I cannot remember the passwords to my other blogs (I hate the name blog and have hated it – sounds like an intestinal disease), and I have created this one. 
Here science will meet evil. Science won’t win.
No, that takes too much effort. Here I will just bitch about stuff pretty much like I do on Facebook, but I will get to use more photos and type with WYSIWYG tools and generally cut and paste more crap. 
Come along. Or cower in your corners mortals. 
The Colonel
yeah I know, the photo has nothing to do with this, neither does tagging beer, vodka and paul mccartney … just me checking out the mechanisms. 


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