Here comes my weighty one page appeal NSA


A couple of weeks ago, I railed against the National Security Agency for denying my request for records. They sent a nice, polite form letter of rejection and told me how to appeal

Today, I banged off my appeal, well clicked it off in Microsoft Word. See how the lack of typewriters affects the cathartic resonance of correspondence today? 

The reasons for the denial were due to some nebulous public law that may or may not cover records concerning me and a Huntsville, Alabama attorney that could or could not exist. That sounds very spookily convenient to me. I drafted my appeal under the auspices that I was a writer doing his job during the decade I seek records for. I await the denial of denials. 

It seems that I am not the only entity that is facing the NSA rejection. The Atlantic magazine/blog too was denied a request for records.  The reason: NSA could not verify their address. Hmmmm … and I thought NSA was the all seeing electronic hoover of the 21st Century. 

The Atlantic’s problems aside, NSA did have the courtesy to bitch in my refusal letter about all the problems Ed Snowden is causing them via a couple of graphs trying to educate me about all their problems due to Snowden’s release of information. 

Sorry guys. I still want my records. 

The Colonel

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