The Big Army bats my file request back to Alabama


(There is no reason for this photo aside from the obvious Thunderball connection)

The Ed Snowden inspired, federal document search on Shelby G. Spires continues with a new wondrous ONE (1) page document sent to me in today’s (17 Sept. 2013) post.

And who else would have a document on me?

The Department of The United States Army, the US Army, the USA, the ***K*NG ARMY and all the other nicknames Big A goes by, that is who, whom and what.

The Army has one of the TWO (2) documents that have FIVE (5), count all glorious five pages of the document, pages (I am betting it is the same docum … never mind) total. Or as the Army restated my request – “You are requesting a copy of documents/records pertaining to an investigation you were suspected to be involved. Your request and documents were referred by the Defense Intelligence Agency and” received in the office on Sept. 9 of this year (2013).

Now, the DIA – aka the Defense Intelligence Agency – sent a letter last week informing me of the two documents, that total FIVE (5) pages per document, were residing with other agencies. Obviously rent free …
Anyway, instead of just sending me a copy of those documents it contacted the Department of the Army (which has a totally separate request concerning me that they want all sorts of incidental documentation to release any records about me) to review and forward said FIVE (5) page document to me.

The Department of the Army (aka “The Big Army) then contacts the command that has the document(s) at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama – the Army Aviation and Missile Command, or as it is properly known the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Life Cycle Management Command (the previous we called AMCOM during the decade or so I wrote about it … I guess the newish name is pronounced AM-LICK-COM I don’t know  – to send review and forward the records to me. 

In three months I have narrowed down the Shelby G. Spires document search down to the Army having ONE (1) of TWO (2) FIVE (5) page documents that may, or may not be, an investigation into me, Shelby G. Spires.




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