Army Aviation and Missile Command has what I want


The Army got it right.

Well, I should say Julie Anderson got it right. (Mrs. Ms. Mdme???), when she finally got my gender restored. CIA, NSA and even DIA stripped me of my appropriate salutation, but the Aviation and Missile Command set it right.

Thanks. Seriously. 

However, I did get a certified letter dated 13 Sep. 2013 and mailed 16 Sep 2013 – costing the taxpayers $6.10 – to ask for my phone number and email address in order to better process my request.  The mail letter carrier popped the little slip in the box Thursday telling me to go to the post office Friday (20 Sep 2013) to collect the certified letter from “AL 35898.”


Now, I knew AL had not sent me a letter. Then I figured out it had to be somebody on Redstone Arsenal, and I was momentarily happy. I thought, “Finally, they have sent my FIVE (5) pages of stuff.”  Then I thought, “Nope, nothing is that simple and quick with the Army.”

I was correct.

DIA says there are TWO (2) FIVE (5) page documents out there, floating from command and agency-to-agency with my name on it. I want to see them. I responded, via email, with the information.
I am just happy to have my manliness restored. 

Thanks Army.

Thanks Julie Anderson.

Call me.


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