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Another time and another place: When Sean Connery said it was ok to slap around women


People say a lot of stupid things. Movie stars, singers, politicians, five year olds caught in the kitchen. Humans justify emotion oddly. This is one Sean Connery has tried to live down for nearly a half century now. It is from a Playboy interview during the making of 1965s “Thunderball:”

CONNERY: I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman–although I don’t recommend doing it in the same way that you’d hit a man. An openhanded slap is justified–if all other alternatives fail and there has been plenty of warning. If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I’d do it. 


The entire interview below (for those who can get past the rage of being slapped or slapping):
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Movie posters – ANOTHER lost art?


“Lost art” (not Lost Ark) gets thrown around a lot to mask some nostalgia of how it was all better when we were 10 years of age.

American made cars, crystal sculptures, tapestry weaves, job creation – lost arts all, or they seem to be for the masses. (Faye Dunaway’s eyes above are becoming lost to time, also, but that is the way of things).

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Scene Of The Crime: Casino Royale (1967) | Cinetropolis


UNDERrated film … Sure it is all over the place. Of course, it has multiple actors as Bond.

Yeah everybody wanted to be on acid.

But the production and the soundtrack are gorgeous and … well, stick around for the bikini assassins.

A fave writer – LEN DEIGHTON An Appreciation


Len Deighton is an airport novelist. That is to say he started as one.

His first novel – the psychological thriller known as “The Ipcress File” – really became a best seller as a slim paperback at 192 pages with that seven point print guaranteed to drive your retinas through your nose.
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Some Faux Fave Films


A list of non films that would intrigue me:

The Simplex Complex

Corn: the Ear of Plenty

Groovy Hippie Slumber Party
Free Love For Sale
Psychedelic Elevator
Brothers Divided
Mondo World
The Young Hip Ocrites
The Mod, Mod Miniskirt
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The Nurses of Ben Casey

The chief nurse technical advisor is still practicing medicine after almost 60 years. What a wealth of knowledge she is today.

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Like most medical dramas, Ben Casey employed a technical advisor both on the set and in the wings to fact-check scripts.  Many shows – including Casey’s rival, Dr. Kildare – hired doctors for this role, but Ben Casey was somewhat unusual in that it employed a young nurse as its primary technical advisor.  In a November 1961 profile of Ben Casey’s creator, James E. Moser, The New York Journal American’s Jack O’Brian wrote:

Alice Rodriguez, R.N., veteran of six County Hospital years, checks all scenes involving nurses.  She also steps in camera range during operating room scenes, because surgical procedures take months, even years, to learn.  Wife of a doctor and mother of four, Nurse Rodriguez says actresses couldn’t possibly duplicate the “precise sterile techniques drummed into us nurses until they become automatic,” and notes her presence saves time.

“A scrub nurse is to her surgeon what a…

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