Some Faux Fave Films


A list of non films that would intrigue me:

The Simplex Complex

Corn: the Ear of Plenty

Groovy Hippie Slumber Party
Free Love For Sale
Psychedelic Elevator
Brothers Divided
Mondo World
The Young Hip Ocrites
The Mod, Mod Miniskirt
The Student Coeds
The President Worea Bikini
The Peacenik Orgy
Bummer, Ma’am
Teenage Flag Burners
Suburban Peepers
Pig Busters
Hillbilly Slip Around
Panic Grass
331⁄3 Sexual Revolutions
The Naughty Swingers
MeterReader Lolita
One-Eyed Wink
Sock it to the Man
Hot PantsHoedown
The Evil Membrane
Luv Canal
His’n’ Hers ‘n’ His
Papa Woody!
The Eco Angels
Teenie Weenie Bikini Beach
Draft Dodger
Lawn Honkie
Crazy Dragonbreath: The Forgettin’ Tibetan
Shindig Motel
Strong, Hard and Black
The Free Riders (Chico and Chaco)
The Well-Marbled Goddess
Itty-Bitty FrigiditySympathetic Vibrations
Diaper Service
Peace Zombies
The Moistening
Kung Funk:The Funky Fu
World War III
Biorhythm Method
Day Glo Decolletage
Leagalize It
Brothers Under theCovers
The Pollenators
Blood Haze
Neat ButNot Clean
Amazon HotBox
Giant Rabbit, Run!
Destination Shroom!
Bald Justice
Plain Ole Pud
Draft Dodger II: Makin’ Canadian Bacon
Hollywood Squares: The Movie
Kung Funk II: The Spooky Fu
Coven ofthe Witchiness
American Flesh
Our Gas Line Affair
Kidnap Those Kooks
Chick with Hicks
I am Curious…You are Yellow
The Harlem GlobetrottersMeetthe Black Panthers
Giant Crab, Run!
Roachclip Motel
Venus De Mofo
Romeo A Go-Go
Buddy Cops: Bookworm and Garter Snake
The TrueLife Historical Search (for Genuine Real Stuff in the Bibile)
Carnaval of Mutants
Giant Rabid Dog, Run!
KentState Nurses
What Planet is this? (Oh my GodIt’sEarth!)
The Wrath of the Sabine Women
WhiteHouse Crooks
CBBC (Citizen’s Band Before Christ)
Pull MyFinger
Brick Shithouse
Puberty County Line
Strong, Hard and Native American
What’sYour Sign M’lady?
Kohoutek, Run!
Swig and Guzzle!
SmoothMove, Ex-Wife
Buddy CopsII: Hammerhead and Nailbiter
Life Spasm
Psycho Vet
BT Offa Zombie
Something Big’s on Fire ’75
Bigfoot, All-American
Gas, Grassor Ass
Assassin in a See-Though Blouse
The Foxy ChocolateRobot
The Return to moonshineHigh
The GreatestBicentennial American Patriot
Da BrothersBump
Cage Full of Waitresses
Draft Dodger III: The MeDecade
Contact High School
Hot Mamarama
ThreeTimes Fast
Unknown Epidemic, Run!
Metaphors are Like Dreames
Used Tissue of Lies
Wind and Rain and Wet T-shirts
Dirt Claude
Ten On a Couch
Buddy CopsIII: Strawman and Firebrand
Fat, Dumb and Fuzzy
Sand in My Teddy
Sex Doctorto the Stars
Third Leg’s a Charm
A Stranger WearsMy Pants
Nuclear Nun
Wise and Foolish Vixens
Psycho Vet II: The Reenlistment
Cattle Mutilation
Prescription for Justice
Tarzan of the Mall
Steel Hog Hunger Rumbles
Dirt Road Blacktop
Similies are Dreams
Six-Chambered heart, Four-Chambered Gun
Go Tell Iton the Mountain, Just Getthe Hell Out of MyHouse!
Normal Horny Norman
Ebony Fawn and Jade
Buddy CopsIV: Short Fuse and Long Hair
FLK (Funny-Lookin’ Kid)
The Family Jeweler
Driving Under MyInfluence (in Hypnovision)
Saturday Night Fever Blister
Hot ButteredFingers
Talkin Dirtyto the Dead
Abra Cadaver
A VeryMalcolm Xmas
Nanny HooteresHootenanny
RecycledWhite Trash
World War III II
The Twin Ledgersof Justice.
Gin Blossom Special
“Bang!” (There I’veSaid It)
Pong: The Movie
Tora! Tora! Toga!
Shuda, Wuda, Cuda
Fudge Factor
Strong, Hard and Chicano
ThatRascaly Mutt
Dying Kids
Cousin Bloodshot Buckshot
A Stiletto Affair
Buddy CopsV: Hayseedand Toughnut
Plumber’sLittle Helper
Baby Booty, Booty Baby
Where to, BrutE
Punks Vs Jocks
We’re F.U.C.K.E.D.!
Adolescent Sexopolis
Your Stepfather’s Moustache
Lover is a Five LetterWord
Hot Justice in Less Than Thirty Minutes(pizza franchises as heroes)
Dying Kids II: The Plague
Summer Buds(for women)
Summer Buds(for men)
Banyard ofHate
Marry Me Heels
Buddy CopsVI: Milquetoastand Honey
Love Hears Everything
Pants Full of Ambition
Keeping Secretions
Jungle Freaks
S-E-X That Spells Sex!
Hearty Old Truths and TruthfulOld Whores
The Earth Movers
The Devil Needsa Drink
Asylum of Angels
Victoria’s Principles and Secrets
One Million YearsAD
The Justice League of Superfreaks
The Love Bombardier
Dying Kids III: Schoolbus Full of Donor Hearts
The Bodacious Oasis
Buddy CopsVII: Flatfoot and Higheel
Boy Eats Girl
Did you Feel That?
Starrign the Braless Cloggers
Andy Opia: The Lazy Private Eye
Pencils Down!
Chunk of Change
Monster TruckMonster
He Bites!
I See London, I See France
Casting Out Nines
Nazis of theThird Reich
Hooked on Classics—the Movie
A Tempting Fate
Solid Gold Dancer Murders
Alpha Omega and Pinky
The Ominous Attic
A Filthy Masquerade
Rock n’ Roll Golem
Festering Destiny
The DespotRemovers
The Arouser
(Steam Rises at) The Hup Swamp
Trolling Stone Sober
Whale ofA Cop
Nocturnal Suspicions
Sick Gloria’s Transit
Sammy Davis junior high
Don’tPick at It
The Pagan Gladiators
Hello, Me!
The French Method
The Tender Gender-Bender’sAgenda
Priaprism Diary
The Dirty-Minded Dozen
Death Toll: Turnpike ofDestruction
Laughing Till I Hurt You
Joan ofArkansas
Larg Angry Antennae
Wallets an Groins
UFO Barbers
The Mummy Blushes
Psycho Vet III: AssignmentGrenada
I Say!
Right to Live, Left to Die
The Pulverizer
Feelin’ Your First One
Madam Madman
Strong, Hard and Vietnamese
Two Humans
The Telltale Sheet
King Kong Christmas
Forsaking No Others
Acupuncture Academy
Madam, I’m Adam
Pitbulls vs Piranhas [animated]
Which Way to theMoney?
The Savage Rebel Savages
Heil, Titler!
Christ for theDefense
Lottery of Doom
Shaft Canary
II Madam, I’mAdam II
The Man in the Iron Lung
Stop it, You
Cannibalistic Missiles
The Rupture
Hip-Hopocratic Oaths
AKA Dickweed
Two Humans II: The Humid Humus
A Lick and a Promise
A Single Shard of Mercy
Philosophy of Desire
Acupuncture Academy II: Pointy, Pointy, Pointy!
E, Teen
The Grounded Stewardesses
Sweet Sinews of Grief
You Killed My Partner, Now I WantRevenge
Cheerleader Camp Massacre
The Grounded StewardessesII: Snowed in at Lake Tahoe
Lower Education
Camisole man
ThreeHo’ Punchout
Street Value of Seduction
The Long Tongueof Memory
Blackout (European title: Noir)
Big Burning Boat
The Terrorarium
In the Eyesof the Apes
Arrows and Quivers
GetDown, Moses
The Mini Computer Wore a Miniskirt
Thong Monster
Akimbo Drumbeat
Attack and Decay
Death’s Black Beemer
Aboriginal Sins
The Vile Turn-On
Dear God, No!
The Phantasy Cult
Thicker Than Blood
This Constipated Earth
Heather, Tethered
Nude Cop
The Grounded StewardessesIII: Mechanical Failure in Rio
Ten Million Ways to Die
Dreams, Wet and Arid
Celebrate for the Hell of It
K9 BonePatrol
The Grammar ofLonging
Twelve Angry Men and a Baby
Eden for Hedonists
Requiem for a Babysitter
Lascivious Neighborhood
Strong, Hard and Hmong
Geographical Bachelors
The Grounded StewardessesIV: ExtendedLayover in Miami
Large, Natural Laughs
To Hell in a Picnic Basket
Star Light and CoffeeBlack
Safeword Abductions
Trauma, Blunt Trauma
The French (They Are a Funny Race)
Planet Perverted
The Heart is a Strong Muscle
Drive By DriveIn
Elephant Walk
Searching for L’Ptotomaine
Love is theRight to Leave
I Do, Adieu
Splattered Plate of Urges
The Moon’s WhiteTorso
A Tube ofForgiveness
Rogue Mime, The Taoist Tattooist
A Grounded Stewardess Christmas
The Man With Two Things
Dracula Lambada
B.F. DeeDee
I Smell London, I Smell France
Insignificant Others
Sans-a Belt Slackers
The Electrocutioner
Unnecessary Roughage
Perchance toNightmare
Dead Cat Bounce
Thai Food Mary
Supermodel Carnival
The Decapitators
Psycho Vet IV: Panama
That’s President Draft-Dodger to You!
The Temptation Game
Asphalt By Candlelight
The Violet Catastrophe
Compassion Fatigues
Herm Aphrodite: God and Goddessof Love
Oh, Flagrat Fragrance! Oh, Pungent Unguent!
Tantric or Treat
The UncensoredHistory of Revealing Swimwear
You’reOnly Worth on Bullet
The Ignoble Calculations of Mme. F. and HerPimp
A Grounded Stewardess Reunion
PomegranateAn ExtendedMetaphor
Hollywood’s Private Personalized Plates
Aromatherapy Execution
My People are Naked
Song of the Pitiful
Vicissitudes of Wickedness
Fluff Pulp Babe
Supermodel Carnival II: Runaway Runways
SecretstheMouth Won’t Tell
Metalof Generation X
Def2 Da Noiz
Draft Doger MeetsPsycho Vet
DOA Hole
Obsessionary Income
Thrill Collector
RequestingNetwork Attention
First lady Chatterly
Rap Riot
Supermodel Carnival III: Adam and Evil
The Whole Story of America
Amateur Faces ofDeath
A Man, A Woman and a Deckof Cards
Psycho Vet MeetsHercules
Consortium and Loss
Duh ‘n’ Ruh
Two-handed Solitaire
Hot Squat
Who Got theSoul Clap?
Deep Bruise
Prickly Heat
The Sad Forehead in My Mirror
Large BoreKillers
Highest and Best Use
Dessican Sky
The Spanking Machine
Learn to Paint with MortyFineman
Learn to Cook with Morty Fineman
Learn to Make Love with Morty Fineman
Arivederci, Morty
Virtual Wife
The DesertofSmall Dreams
Tattoo II: Pierced By An Angel
Ms. Kevorkian.

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  1. Lynsey says :

    I cannot tell a lie, that really hepedl.

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