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Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props: Original props from 2001: A Space Odyssey on display… Original film costumes and props…

New Wave artists aging gracefully. An 80′s world gone by… | djrioblog

The Eurythmics – aka Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox – look the same as they did in 1983. Kate Bush does not.

What Haven’t You Seen Lately?

Great lists …

The Classic TV History Blog

I know that some of you have followed me to Twitter, but the only reader who’s become a regular thorn in my side over there is Marty McKee, author of the estimable Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot blog. Recently – after a quibble over whether another TV critic could still be taken seriously after he admitted he’d never seen The Bob Newhart Show – Marty asked me what major television series I’d never seen.

Now that’s a question that I’ve always loved asking other critics, in part because they hate it. No professional ever really seems eager to admit to the gaps in their knowledge. Especially nowadays, on the internet, any show of weakness is going to get you reamed. One of my college friends, now a respected film critic, was always suspiciously noncommittal whenever I inquired about which Hitchcock films he had under his belt. I also remember an “Ask…

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Some new/old bit of info on Dallas 1963: JFK, Jackie joined mile-high club day before his death | New York Post

This is the kind of thing a war weary, recessed nation needs to hang on.  Because if the insanely rich and pretty and powerful CANNOT have sex in a plane, then we are doomed as a species:

In honor of JFK, here is a little SNL – The Forum


I have a long held fascination with John F. Kennedy, like most of the world. But his head was blown off in Dallas in 1963 and that is just the end of that.

Humor is here to mark the absurd, and the fascination with JFK and his love life and his back and Laos and Vietnam and Cuba is absurd. If a tenth of that interest were focused on the laws governing Wall Street TODAY and what was accomplished in Iraq from 2003-2011, then the entire world would be better in 18 months.

So, I give you what I think about every year since 1983 when we start sliding into the November 22 flagellation of memory holiday:

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“Imagining Outer Space: European Astroculture in the Twentieth Century” | Roger Launius’s Blog

This is the European counterpart to Howard McCurdy’s great book “Space and the American Imagination.”
Seems it focuses quite a bit on the search for ET life and UFOs.

A Thriller a Day…: La Strega: Season 2 Episode 17

This episode aired on television (MeTV) tonight. Shows Ursula Andress was more than just a pretty face. Creeping fear – and a cool interpretive dance routine – episode about witchcraft. Very well done: