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Thuds, the Ridge, and 100 Missions North- page 1 | Military Aviation | Air & Space Magazine

The Republic F-105 Thunderchief, the main aircraft involved in the drama, had never been intended to play the role of a strategic bomber. Rather, it had been created to make a single, low-level nuclear strike—to use its potent stinger once, then die, like a bee.

The Learned Turtle: BOOK DOWNLOAD: Thud Ridge by Jack Broughton

Due to the generosity of some avid book enthusiasts you can now download an electronic version of the excellent Vietnam war memoir Thud Ridge by Col. Jack Broughton (see below). This book is no longer in print either in paper or ebook form, so this is a great opportunity to get yourself a copy.

World War l harvest of iron still haunts farmers | Farm Press Blog

From 1914-1918, over 1 billion shells rained down on World War I battlefields, much of that on European farmland in France and Belgium. With a dud rate of 20 percent to 25 percent, hundreds of millions of shells are still buried today. Grenades, bombs, shrapnel shells and poison gas canisters — all wait patiently 100 years on.
After the war, the killing fields were pitted with live shells— absolutely saturated. France sealed away 15 million acres, slammed the proverbial door and hung a “do not enter” sign. Much of that land remains cordoned off and forbidden to this day; the realm of demolitionexperts and an occasional lunatic poking about for souvenirs