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It was the early 70s and everybody was stoned — Mayor McCheese v. H.R. Pufnstuf

Hey Kids … in my day, kids shows and McDonalds commercials were just ways to lure you into a life of toking psychedelic oblivion:


Five Things We’ll Learn from Orion’s First Flight Test | NASA

480MIPS is basically a 1996 benchmark for processors. However, the 160,000 million instruction per second Intel et al processors of today are not radiation proof (hardened) and won’t stand up to the kick and vibrations of a rocket launch.
“Orion’s computer is the first of its kind to be flown in space. It can process 480 million instructions per second. That’s 25 times faster than the International Space Station’s computers, 400times faster than the space shuttle’s computers and 4,000 times faster than Apollo’s.”