Film Review – The Long Goodbye

The High Window

The Long Goodbye


Director: Robert Altman

It’s not an easy task to review a movie which is commonly described (at least on the Blu Ray packaging) as ‘misunderstood’.  It’s almost a get out of jail free card for filmmakers and directors who may not have had the reaction they wanted.

In this case, it’s an understandable position to take.

In the canon of pulp fiction, Raymond Chandler’s 1953 novel The Long Goodbye is rightly held in high esteem. Chandler took his famous detective, Philip Marlowe, out of the standard (but comfortable) realms of everyday detective thrillers, and attempted a dive into the realms of higher literature.  Instead of being hired at the outset by a client to investigate a blackmailer or locate a missing wife, the story starts out with Marlowe detailing his loose friendship with an alcohol ex-soldier, Terry Lennox, and his subsequent attempt to assist him get…

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