I should stick to Fembot research and NOT the history of blowing up H-bombs in space

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I just spent about 90 minutes on something I do all too often: Making sure I right the wrong of somebody being WRONG on the internet. Of course, I await my gratitude, along with my gratuity, in the mail.

AND it had to do with a 1970s cult science fiction show – Space 1999 – and the use of explosions and shockwaves in space. I ride the rapids of important discussion AND trendy pop culture here. I don’t have a phaser or a Star Trek uniform though. Never plan to get one – the uniform, that is. I would get the phaser if I could in an atomic second.

It was all simple – there would be no shockwave in deep space. End of story. So, naturally, somebody balked at this posting/reply in one of the Facebook groups I lurk on. And, well, I had to run off and shoot…

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