Retro-View: The Living Daylights (1987)

Technicolor Dreams


As part of a group blog effort, other online agents are rolling out their own indispensable takes on various 007 films. Check out Getafilm and Coleman’s Corner in Cinema and Living In Cinema and our own femme fatale at Cinematic Passions.

I am a James Bond fan. The first erotic movie image I ever saw was Maurice Binder’s luxurious Panavision titles for THUNDERBALL (1965) at the drive-in; that’s about all I remember of the film (and my only memory of the second feature that night, BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967) was Faye Dunaway). It wasn’t Sunday night at our household without the ABC Movie of the Week and Ernie Anderson’s cool voice intoning, “Tonight…James Bond is back…” Followed by the awful pan-and-scan prints with the ever-present “Edited For Television” chyron at the bottom of the screen. I still have VHS recordings of a few of the 80’s Bond films on ABC…

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