Retro-View: The President’s Analyst (1967)

Technicolor Dreams


I remember seeing this odd film often on the late-nite movie show, always fascinated by the unique psychedelic vibe of this 1960’s satire starring James Coburn as the titular character. There was something strange and dazzling about the ever-changing tone of the scenes, from broad comedy to surgical insight to pop-art hallucinations. I gravitate towards satire in the DR. STRANGELOVE vein, and this archetypal 60’s film perfectly fits the bill. It took years for a proper unedited DVD release in 2004 after its first wide-screen appearance on laserdisc, mainly due to music rights issues, the bane of most unreleased films.

Rumored to have been the basis for a third film in the popular OUR MAN FLINT (1966) and IN LIKE FLINT (1967) features, THE PRESIDENT’S ANALYST has a fascinating history with enough real life paranoia that parallels the film’s uber-conspiracy theories. Audaciously written and directed by improv comic Theodore J…

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