Sci-Fi Dystopia Theatre: Logan’s Run (1976)

Technicolor Dreams

I couldn’t let this stunning teaser poster go to waste, so to follow up on the previous CINEFANTASTIQUE post, and since our time is limited as evidenced by my blinking red lifeclock, it seems apropos to look back to the future of LOGAN’S RUN. This was MGM’s bid for their big event picture of the Bicentennial Year, 1976, based on the 1967 best-seller by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. The novel was written fast and furious as a high-concept response to the decade’s generational war being played out across the media nation. The well-regarded genre authors wrote the book specifically to be sold for film — they even had an iron-clad price of $100,000 that was eventually met by MGM (although they also signed away all other rights). The great George Pal was interested but couldn’t get the studio to back him and various scripts were written over…

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