SCRIPT TO SCREEN: Department S – ‘Six Days’



First Broadcast: March 9th, 1969

The script is bound in a handsome light-blue folder with the Department S logo printed in black in the lower left corner. The episode title, Six days, is printed on the middle of the cover.

Inside the cover are 88 pages of different colours; 51 white, 33 pink, 3 blue and 1 yellow. The different colours signify changes and revisions, common practice in the TV and film business.

The first page of the script has the Department S logo printed in red and the typed message: The Series Created by: Monty Berman and Dennis Spooner. 

Page two has “Six Days” Screenplay by Gerald Kelsey, and Kelsey’s autograph.

Page 3 says:

  • Produced by Monty Berman
  • Script Supervision by Dennis Spooner

A Scoton Production

A.B.P. Elstree Studios

Boreham Wood


Elstree 1600.

 Page 4 presents us with the cast list, divided into Principals, Supporting and Extras.

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