Colleen Corby

mini MAD MOD 60s/70s

 by “ModelBrat60s”

The Editors of All the Teen Magazines Knew They Had a Hot Property in Colleen Corby

COLLEEN CORBY was one of the all-time favorite SEVENTEEN models.
Starting her career at a very young age, posing for American Girl, The Girl
Scout magazine, Co-ed,Teen, Ingenue, she was already an experienced
model by age 16 when she first appeared on the cover of Seventeen in April
1963.  The editors for all teenage oriented magazines knew they had a hot
property in COLLEEN CORBY.

And what a young beauty she was.  She had that amazing dewiness, the
perfect glowing skin, hair and innocent on-camera movement that gradually
became more stylized as this young model grew into herself and her
signature look.

Colleen Corby: loved working with the camera and the camera simply
loved her.  She knew exactly where her best light was and always
played to that.  She was one of…

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